Climate Displacement - Shared screen with speaker view
Charles Lally
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Angie Reilly
What panelists expect to attend World Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland in November this year. How can I participate in meetings as I live in Glasgow.
Angie Reilly
I live in Glasgow abd New Orleans .
Angie Reilly
wow - wonderful explanation of laws and levels of issues!!
Angie Reilly
Again wonderful presentation and so informative! How do I save the chats? can I do it for past seminars/chats? I’m not good with computers!!
Charles Lally
Click the button with three dots in the bottom-right of the chat panel, and let me know if it gives you the option to save chat
Angie Reilly
ok let me see thx!
Angie Reilly
no - no such button
Angie Reilly
So these 2 questions may be too personal to me but they do apply to others who have lost homes in disasters such as Hurricane Katrina - I raised my home with half the funds promised by FEMA. The house was raised but badly. I know live in it; but, Ka Road Home has put $90k lien on my home for money back! why? Also, raised my home high in Lakeview but what good is it if entire area floods again? Thx, Angie R
Angie Reilly
LA Road Home.
Thuy Le
The fishing and farming communities are especially sensitive to environmental and climate changes. How does international law address migration caused by state-sanctioned environmental pollution in which the government allows toxic discharge that devastates a community’s way of life?
Charles Lally
As a reminder, the CLE code-word for this panel is “yellow”
Paul Ray Holland
Thank You for the presentation. Wonderful.
Kate von Mende (she/her)
Thank you so much! This was so educational, I learned so much!